Sally Griffin Art - I thoroughly enjoy the ability to put onto paper what I enjoy in life, which is anything that has to do with nature (or something just serendipitous). It's a tremendous pleasure to mix and blend colors, whether soft or quite bold to form a statement that's meaningful and pleasing to the eye. Read more..



Rhino Studios

Sarah Waller Paintings

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Past Spotlights

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Striking Art Studio:
My studio is certified up to code and I offer various types of Glass classes, such as flameworking, beadmaking, fusing, & casting, Senior Projects, and various Open Studio sessions inlcuding Encaustics & Collage, Sips n' Tips, and Hang n' Flame.  More info on my website ~ I hope to see you in a class or studio session!
artEAST (48 Front St. North, Issaquah, WA 98027) Web Site:

Sir Terance Jonathan White

Frank Blau Photography


Craig Breitbach: Stone Sculptor
Born and raised in Port Angeles Washington, the outdoors was a big part of my growing up. 
My sculptures so far have been realistic imagesof salmon, combining my love of art 
with my passion for fishing and nature.

Artists Bungalo
Welcome to the Artist's Bungalow. We specialize in wonderful hand-drawn black and white portraits.
Our extraordinary artists create memories for a life-time using their artistic skills and drawing craftsmanship.

I am "in my element" as an illustrator. Much of my art style over the years has been influenced by the dolls that I played with as a child, Liddle Kiddles, and the old cartoons that I watched on television. I think that creativity flourishes more when there is an element of play involved.


Jill Weaver Photography
Museum Grade, Fine Art Photography

Dick Stefanich Watercolors
Not many can resist the jewel-like pigments of watercolors.  They seem to emit a special transmitted light of their own, bouncing off the artist's paper. The hard everyday world of facts and raw news can sometimes become overwhelming. What better way to soften the blows of harsh reality than through a spectrum of whimsical images of mischievous bunnies or the ageless look at native Americana.

Plateau Portraits
Original Portraits by Robb Drake
1724 223rd Ave SE Sammamish, WA 98075 - 425-391-5075 - Studio visits by appointment

Jeffery Noble Photography
Jeffery Noble
/ Photographer

James Colquitt Designs

James is an original designer of unique and exotic jewelry incorporating stones and carvings within sterling silver.

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R & L Pottery
Stoneware dishes, vases, and other itemsfor your home and garden. This pottery is handmade by Randy and Lisa at our home in Washington State.
All of our pottery is high-fired stoneware, thrown on the potter's wheel or hand built. It contains no lead or other harmful material. It is safe for food cooking and serving.
Sarah Waller Paintings

Doris Mosler Artwork

Artwork for Residential and Commercial Settings