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The importance of education in our community cannot be overstated.  With state budget cuts in the news on a regular basis, schools are scrambling for more funds to ensure that vital programs remain intact.  Here at Issaquah Life, we're dedicating half of all advertising dollars we receive directly to the
Issaquah School District. This is an untested giving program that we hope will be a huge hit!  Our mission is to be a great community web site that gives back in a BIG WAY to the community we promote!  All paid advertisers will be highlighted in our Neighborhood MVP section, and recognized as promoters of "Experience Education Excellence!" in their communities.

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Free - This is a great learning tool submission we received. Great for anyone learning a foreign language, or even simply faux amazing your friends with your new found translation abilities!



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Spotlight on Business!

And the Winner is.....Teddy!!

Ted has won his owner a $25 Caffe Ladro Gift card!  The Baristas at Caffe Ladro also awarded a 2nd prize (2 FREE drinks)  to Cooper

Great contest everyone! View All Entries Here!

New Indoor Tennis Courts!

Check out the latest special offers from Gemini Fish Market!

The Sunset Ale House
Check out Issaquah's newest Alehouse!

The Flat Iron Grill
Located in the heart of Gilman Village.  A quick visit to their happy yielded a mouth watering Clams and Chorizo, perfectly accompanied by an Immortal IPA (okay 2 Immortals) from Elysian Brewery!


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Fly Fishing Reports
courtesy of Creekside Angling!
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Your King County Sheriff?s Office operates an online search tool to keep community members aware of registered sex offenders.