Master Chorus Eastside
For sixteen fabulous years Master Chorus Eastside has shared the power of choral music with you, our audience, and you have responded with enthusiasm. Now, in our seventeenth season, we continue to seek out the finest music, provide you with lively and informative commentary, create a rich sound and a warm concert atmosphere so you can enjoy the power of this art that we love so deeply. We bring alive for you what great music is all about—passion, drama, humor, life, community.




BCC (Bellevue Community College) Jazz Band
The Bellevue Community College Jazz Band has been in existence since the 1970s.  The growth of the program the last two decades has been unparalleled in the Northwest.  They took first place honors, or were finalists, at the prestigious Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival in Moscow, Idaho, the Fullerton (California) Jazz Festival, and the Reno International Jazz Festival many times.  In recent years the band has chosen to seek other more rewarding venues that are both musically and culturally rewarding for our students.  Their first European tour took them to Paris, France where they performed at the International University, the Opera House, the Montpernasse Train Station and other venues. 


Sammamish Symphony